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Get your products shot with us.  We provide the commercial look you need for your product to stand up against all the other brand giants. In order to have the shoot added to our calendar, payment must be done and confirmed.  After the confirmation, you will receive an email with the "invite" for your shoot via our Gmail Calendar.  We send all raw images to you via email.  Our product shooting is booked on an hourly basis.  Any additional props required for your shoot may result additional charges.  Additional sets can be added within the original location.  Sets must be constructed by you.  Select the options you need on this product.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

CAMERA OPTIONS: CANON T3I (18 megapixels) | CANON 5ds (50.1 megapixels)

*Always call or email us for availability as far as time and day. Prices may vary and due to time overages.  Any time overage fees must be paid at shoot or prior to recieveing images.  It's totally up to us on which.  In the event that you must reschedule, it must be done within 4days prior to the time agreed upon before payment is made. Locations will be provided upon request.  If there are location fees, we will send the necessary request via paypal prior to booking.  There will be No refunds when you book a location for a shoot.  You must keep the original time and day that was originally booked.  Elaborate set changes could result in additional charges. You must be on time and be out of the venue in a timely manner.

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